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EVA to present at CAIEC

EVA joins the 8th China Aviation and Entrepreneurship Competition

EVA is a company where East meets West. Our vision to build and orchestrate the low altitude economy started on the streets of Seoul after all. China is spearheading the low altitude economy, no question asked, however there are very few interactions between East and West. We are always suprised to see that most of the western UAS companies being unknown to Chinese ecosystem. From 2021 EVA has been building its footprint in China through local partnerships and first workforce.

EVA will certainly not copy/paste its western model to China, it would certainly not work. The success goes through partnership, local workforce, local decision-making, localised data and customization to local needs.

Like most of the North-East Asian countries, China is ageing and will face logistics, healthcare and other challenges. Our recent solution by Yokohama City , Japan is reinforcing ourmotivation to deploy more networks in Asia including of course China.