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EVA develops new drone vans for Florida

Infrastructure for drones is dynamic, drone vans offers the possibility to bring a close control and command center to operations. Florida is not only a major state for airborne innovation but also needs to protect itself from natural disasters. There was…

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west michigan aviation academy

Michigan welcomes EVA

A milestone week for EVA with 4 stations dispatched in a week only in Colorado, Georgia…and Michigan. The business is accelerating and we are hiring 14 additional people (Marketing, PM, Sales, Engineers (Soft/Mecha), Technicians,…) but let´s take a one minute break…

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EVA Germany Operations

First blockchain deployment in Berlin for EVA

EVA, in collaboration with Staex GmbH, have developed a Web3-operated drone delivery corridor project called NEXA. The scheme comprises a cutting-edge transfer station M3 based at Ullsteinhaus and two Vertiports M1 located within the premises of the commercial center Tempelhofer Hafen,…

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drone walmart

Florida leads the way by asking B2B drone operations to include an infrastructure

There was no doubt legislation would require the use of drone infrastruture for safe operations, scalability and service to all. Today is a big day for EVA as Florida is showing the way to enable drone services where drone stations are…

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