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EVA announces the acquisition of Internest



Berlin, October 12, 2023. EVA, the company building the low altitude economy, today announced the acquisition of the technology startup Internest. This represents the first (and very important) acquisition for EVA. The amount of the acquisition is undisclosed.

Internest, a company founded in 2016, has developed a patented and certified technology for multivector and secured tracking-precision guidance in complex environments. Drones, Helicopters require satellite connections and clear weather to be tracked precisely and land safely. Internest has demonstrated its offering with prestigious groups such as Naval Group &  Airbus.

Olivier LE LANN, Founder and CEO of EVA said, “Whilst we always believe in organic growth and R&D, we respect businesses who have built great tech and managed to generate traction. We were looking for the best technology for a few years as this technology was critical to our mission. The Internest hardware and software mix was by far the best and as such we are delighted to officially announce our first acquisition. Combining their expertise and features to our platform will allow us to develop the low altitude economy further by offering secured guidance for multiple aircraft. Applications are already receiving a great welcome from our customers in governments, oil and gas, healthcare, drone super highways, maritime, agriculture, security and more.”

Furthermore it was clear from day one that their team closely aligned with our values to create a higher-performing ecosystem for businesses. We will keep Internest as a brand and will keep its degree of freedom to operate in fields which are not in EVA’s core business such as helicopters precision landing on vessels. We are writing today a new chapter of Internest’s story and are proud to pursue the success story built by Nicolas and Hadrien.”

Nicolas Sczaniecki, Co-Founder of Internest said: “We met with Olivier in March 2018 thanks to Starburst and since then we have kept in touch. The complementarity between Internest’s positioning system and EVA’s ground infrastructures is obvious and will increase value for end-users and the drone ecosystem by offering a robust and flexible logistic solution.

The resources provided by EVA for the handover and new projects are promising. All of this would not have possible thanks to the trust, support and strong commitment of our team, partners, and customers.

Hadrien Busieau, Co-Founder of Internest said: “I’m pleased by Internest’s strategic collaboration with Eva Group, a move aimed at advancing precision and robustness in autonomous drone technology. 

This partnership expands our market reach through Eva Group’s extensive commercial network, while their strategic investments will fuel Internest’s growth, boosting our team and operational capabilities. The integration of our technologies into Eva Group’s ground infrastructures promises enhanced features and performance for our users. In my role as Co-founder and CTO, I’m excited about the practical benefits this collaboration will deliver. I extend my gratitude to our team, partners, and clients for their steadfast support throughout our journey. As we enter this new phase, Internest’s story takes an exciting turn.”

Founded in 2016 by a team of French entrepreneurs, the proprietary Internest platform empowers aircraft fleet operators by providing actionable insights through greater access to tracking data. The company has developed a unique algorithm based on ultrasonic sensors positioned on the aircraft and landing platform. Multiple aircraft can be connected to the same platform.

Internest will join the broader EVA business to expand its service offering for operators to new geographies and segments. Together, this will offer operators a better performance and more options to manage their ever-evolving unmanned/manned flights, whilst retaining the convenience of a single integration and unified reporting.

EVA builds the low altitude economy through a mix of advanced ground infrastructure for drones and software.  The company works with global businesses to build low altitude logistics operations, faster and cheaper healthcare deliveries, anti-smuggling and monitoring of energy infrastructure, maritime dispatch and surveillance, e-commerce airborne delivery networks, state-level drone superhighways and more. EVA is a Techstars graduate and BMW, Halliburton investee. It helps businesses in Europe, the Americas, APAC and the Middle East to leverage faster, more reliable drone operations. For more see: or send an email at [email protected]

About Internest

Internest was founded in 2016 and has offices in Paris. Autonomous drones are becoming more expensive and their missions more critical, but when they approach the landing area, all the operation relies on one or two positioning sensors that can fail in complex environments. Internest helps you secure this dangerous phase of the flights, with a robust and precise positioning sensor operational in complex environments. For more see