All electric. Fast. Compact.

The future of transportation is in the sky

We envision a future in which people can easily travel within cities, flying above traffic with a push of a bottom. EVA's mission is to make air taxis an affordable, fast and extremely easy way to commute within cities. The EVA X01 is 5 times faster than a car, quiet and can be parked in your parking lot.

Introducing The X01

Combining technology and design, we provide the best transportation experience which will disrupt the way we commute all over the world.

Revolutionary Specs

Fully Electric

24 best in-class electric engines (1 million kilometers guaranteed), Max speed 400 km/h, 250 km autonomy


Automated flight with radar 77 Ghz, Lidar and 12 Cameras


Size with folded wings (5m x 2m)


2 Passengers or 250 kg payloads

Ultra Safe

Ultra redundancy of all systems. Additional parachute on the aircraft


70 dB on the ground. Inaudible while flying


We combined power and beauty to build the best transportation solution. 

Fast as a jet. Silent as an EV. 

Commuting will never be the same.