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Our best-in-class drone infrastructure at your service

Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure inspection is as risky and dangerous as it is vital!

Bridges, tunnels and buildings are ageing and therefore in constant need of monitoring activties. Hereby, drone operators often face adverse circumstances, such as harsh weather conditions or access to energy, which make infrastructure assessments a very lengthy process. EVA Stations dramatically increase the productivity and autonomy or these applications, as well as curb the operational cost by offering full support to drone operators.

Healthcare Delivery

Not enough helicopters, not enough pilots and too many victims!

Drones are a reliable and green solution for the fast delivery of critical goods, yet most of hospitals do not know how to implement given solution. With our partners we simplify the set-up of drone-based medical support, whilst garuanting the highest operational efficiency and safety through our Vertical Stations. Having a network of stations to serve as dispatching and charging hubs will boost the level of automation significantly and ensures that efficiency is at an all-time-high when time is critical.


Disaster Relief

Wildfires, eartquakes, floodings – with climate change the threat to human life and economical distress are dramatically increasing.

Emergency situations will require drones to be called out at short notice and in time-sensitive situations – having a network of stations which can provide ad hoc, direct support in case of an emergency can have an immediate impact on life-saving efforts around the globe. We provide a cheaper, environmentally friendly and more reliable substitute for conventional helicopters. Due to the high level of transportability of our stations, we can quickly deliver and dispatch up to 24 drones in the area where it is needed most. There we can engage in immediate missions in order to assess damages, find people, deliver rescue kits, or proactively deliver key warning messages.


Wouldn’t it be great to have the same access to goods wherever we live?

Yet our society is unequal and many villages and remote areas are no longer fully connected to urban infrastructure. The use of drones could drastically decrease labour costs and is seen as a disruptor to the parcel delivery industry. We realised that for this type of mission to work, drones would have to be able to deliver a wide range of cargoes of varying weight, volume, fragility or sensitivity. This affects the size and weight of a drone and, implicitly, its energy requirements. EVA provides their Vertical Stations to re-connect mountain villages, islands or other isolated places to ensure their connection to enable the last-mile delivery in all parts of this world.