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Why we open an office in Geneva?

Why we open an office in Geneva?

As a global ground to sky technology company, we are present in large markets such as the EU with our Berlin office, the U.S.A. with our Syracuse, NY office or even soon in India.

So why Switzerland, why Geneva?

For people familiar with the drone industry, we find Switzerland Pavilion in every large event like for instance AUVSI in Atlanta (August 16-19) where EVA will be present. A common sentence you hear at a Swiss pavilion is that Swiss focus on Chocolate, Cheese, Watches…and Drones. There is no doubt that having a presence in Switzerland makes your UAS or Drone company stronger, by mingling with dozens of drone startups or connecting with top universities such as ETH Zurich or EPFL Lausanne. Many american companies and soon Asian are already seizing this opportunity.

In Geneva, we first met a fantastic team with a very focused agenda. Octagon is a place of opportunity, a bridge way from Geneva airport, an incredible design fostering creativity and innovation, there is to our knowledge no equivalent place like this on the European continent. A place where humanity, nature and technology meet. But we will let you discover Octagon through this video and hope to meet you there soon.

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