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EVA Goes Quantum

EVA Goes Quantum

More than ever, EVA will help you accomplish your missions in medical, monitoring, logistics, agriculture and beyond through our ground to sky technology. As the world leader in high throughput drone and robot infrastructure, we bring quantum key distribution technology to our stations, drones and robots.

Why quantum technology matters for drones and robots?

Quantum key distribution involves taking two photons that have no known relationship to each other and splitting them up into four photons. One photon always remains unchanged while three others are given unique properties which can only be identified by their counterpart. This process ensures that signals sent between both parties will remain private, even if attacked and data intercepted by third parties. The idea is that information encoded with one set of photons will match up to information encoded with another set of photons—whether they’re flying back-and-forth through space or bouncing around corners—without any extra encryption added in.
In order to create an absolutely safe environment with unbreakable keys for your EVA stations, drones and robots, quantum technology was needed.

How EVA stations work?
EVA deploys high throughout stations for drones and robots, connected to each other or to smart compact drone stations. Behind the advanced hardware technology, the stations are drone and robot agnostic and allow multiple use cases as well and the lowest operational cost in the industry. EVA stations can be deployed and moved on demand, some are even set on a truck platform for immediate dispatch.

Infinite safe applications
With EVA ground to sky technology possibilities are infinite for you to do anything you set your mind to. We proudly save lives by dispatching medicines for a safer and sustainable life. We also improve agriculture such as our latest contract in India. We block animal pest disease from reaching farms. EVA becomes part of local communities, safely decreasing poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, malnutrition and global hunger.
You can explore every aspect of sustainability with EVA’s mission-critical solutions.We don’t stop there; we have pledged to tackle climate change, CO2 emissions and resource conservation with great success thanks to our ground to sky technology.

The future is here

We will deploy quantum key distribution technology for a large medical project this year, allowing critical medical material to not only be deployed on time but with safe encrypted communication. Beyond the operational use case we will also test our stations as a base to provide safe internet access to nearby users.

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