We bring frontier technology to the market!

We are proudly ranked as one of the top 5 most innovating company by Vivatech and we look for talented individuals who can help us make mobility better.

Why come work for us?

What makes people join us? Many answers but why not start with a few comments we hear from our team members:
“I can really do an engineer work here, create, invent, move, be challenged and learn…no answer is ever found on Google when you work at EVA”
“EVA is a company like no other, I feel like I am joining the A-team to build the future”

R-LIFT work

Company perks

Flexible schedule

“I have never said no to someone asking for a day off, time to care his/her family or flexibility to care his/her kids, we are one team, what makes us stronger is that we care for each other” Olivier LE LANN, CEO

Best Tech

If you like Tech EVA is the place to work at. We like technology and provide what si needed to make your work efficient and enjoyable.

Medical Cover

Our employees deserve a 100% medical cover for themselves and their family (or future family).

Awesome Working Environment

Our R&D center in Francazal Airport will be the place to work at. Imagine a place with many different working areas whether you want to focus or mingle with the team, a view on our prototypes and pre-series VTOLs directly from your desk.

Sharing Success

At EVA all employees will be granted shares of the company, we reward the entrepreneur spirit

Team Activities

Creativity and teamwork needs our support. We like to go out and create a fantastic team atmosphere. Bring your team building ideas in, at EVA there is no top-down culture!