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Join the vertical revolution, it’s time to give a vertical lift to your career!

EVA is expanding rapidly with its new site in North America, market entry in Japan and ongoing expansion in EMEA. It is such a great time to join us and help the UAV industry on its way to great success!

Awesome Team

We work hard to make our vision a reality, but we enjoy working together. A team in which initiatives are welcome and in which we support each other; in which every single person is important because everyone can make a difference!

Mission First

Connecting the world one vertical station at a time, we envision a market of millions of stations, a journey that can start with you. Every single decision we make builds upon this mission. At EVA we do not loose focus, we do not leave our strategy out of sight, we are all aligned on one global mission.

Pioneer Spirit

We do not hide the fact that we need pioneers, people who are not afraid of change or even failure, people who would have been the first to break through the Berlin Wall, reach the North Pole or build the Eiffel Tower! Changing the world is no easy task, but it is so rewarding!

What Are You Waiting For? Join Us!

EVA is supported by impactful industrial groups, some of the largest global accelerators as well as experts in aerospace technology from all over the world!