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EVA and FlyNow Aviation join forces on 3D Mobility

eva and flynow

EVA and FlyNow Aviation join forces on 3D Mobility

EVA and FlyNow Aviation GmbH have signed an MoU to join forces in order to expedite the process of forming the necessary eco-system for 3D-mobility.

EVA ground to sky technology enables airborne logistics (healthcare, infrastructure,logistics,..) and advanced air mobility to scale their operations. With the world’s largest offer of stations using electricity or hydrogen, the company is leading the charge across 3 continents already.

FlyNow Aviation GmbH develops a drone family for cargo and passenger transport with the goal to make 3D-mobility accessible and affordable for everyone.

Both companies share the same vision of 3D-mobility as a means of mass transport the ease the burden of ground based traffic.

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