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EVA for COVID19 Support and Remedy

EVA for COVID19 Support and Remedy


With the Covid19 crisis spreading across our globe, interest in unmanned technology is growing due to its ability to safely provide services and care to those who are quarantined or practice social distancing. We believe that it is essential that we allow automated drones to support some of the system-relevant jobs of personnel working on the front lines in the midst of fighting this global crisis.

EVA’s high-throughput drone docking stations for health care, disaster relief and critical logistics can provide direct support by deploying stations in severely affected areas to take ad-hoc measures to resolve the crisis. As most applications require a fleet of aircraft, our station can serve as the connecting node between sky and ground, providing charging and storage means, UTM system and flight operation planning for given critical drone missions.

With our stations supporting cities in need, there are a number of applications where EVA’s one stop solution can offer help:

Aerial Disinfection

Recently, new way drones have been used in fighting the coronavirus is to spray disinfectant in public spaces. Through thermal sensing, our drones can also help officials with crowd management and the identifying of people with elevated body temperatures, which could indicate they have the virus.

Lockdown Patrol

Drones equipped with loudspeakers assist in the broadcasting of important information to citizens, while carrying out surveillance activities to keep people in the safety of their homes.

Critical Goods Delivery

Masks and protective gear are currently a shortage in many parts of this world, our drones can ensure contactless delivery in a fraction of time

Emergency Response

As police and paramedics are widely understaffed during the crisis, our drones can perform ad hoc emergency response from our stations, being stacked with first aid products and further offering real time data transfer to local authorities

Blood Sample Delivery

Blood Banks have never been so understocked, and inventory is often far away. Drones can deliver critical blood vessels and plasma and return blood samples for testing to labs. Moreover, they can deliver testing kits to citizens and collect their samples afterwards.

We want to remedy overloaded supply chains and advocate the redistribution of critical goods. Real impact can only be provided through a fleet of aircraft, EVA’s stations can serve as the connecting node between sky and ground, cloud computing and hardware. Our One-stop-solution is here to help.

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