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EVA goes 5G with its high-throughput drone docking station

EVA goes 5G with its high-throughput drone docking station

Together with Ericsson and Altice Labs, the City of Aveiro intends to establish itself as one of the first 5G Test Areas in Europe and selected EVA to be one of the first companies to use and learn from their testbed. 

We are thrilled to be selected for this program, which, in addition to the opportunity to use the Aveiro 5G network, consists of development and test phase, grants us access to workshops and a network of mentors and specialists from various areas. 

Learning from the setup of a new wireless network will not only enlarge our capabilities but also support professional drone services in their abilities along the way. 

In fact, while our stations and drones can support the setup of a 5G network by adding increased coverage and connectivity; 5G is supporting drones by providing improved signals and location data, which essentially results in a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Therefore, drones can serve as mobile nodes, while benefiting from the high-speed connection, as it may power advanced wireless networks which e.g. allow first responders and drones to share real-time data during emergencies. It will also help us and other drone service providers to fly beyond line of sight, allowing for improved air traffic control and help detect unauthorized drones based on their signals.

The key challenge of stringent regulations on BVLOS flights is that the pilot must always be able to interfere in case of unforeseen events. Through a permanent and reliable connection from the pilot to the drone, the new generation of 5G can serve as a promising supporter. 

By enabling our stations to be 5G ready, we will facilitate countless new use-cases for drone services. EVA will create additional remarkable value through collecting and processing acquired data, especially if real-time broadcasting is guaranteed. 

It will enable the transmission of real-time footage in high definition, helping in an emergency situation, supporting the inspection of gas and oil pipelines, power supply lines, seaports, and other areas that need to be monitored on a regular basis. 

If drones are controlled exclusively by a high-speed, low-latency 5G network, their communication-needs can be consistently ensured, guaranteeing more protected operations. In line with EVA’s vision to empower the drone sector, it will facilitate much safer commercial drone deployments, enabling the drone sector to thrive and gain in public acceptance. 

At EVA, we believe that 5G will enable the large-scale deployment of mission-critical drones, and we are excited to implement this breakthrough technology into our product as early as possible. 

Thank you, Altice Labs ad Ericsson and Municipality of Aveiro for the great opportunity, we are looking forward to ramping up the sophistication of our solution, whilst leveraging the technical support and mentoring sessions.

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