Adding a third dimension to cities

Self-driving cars cannot solve traffic jams issues. So what do we do when it is increasing and increasing. I was in the Silicon Valley 20 years ago and all people just tell me how their quality of life has decreased as business grew faster. One engineer spends now 2 hours more per day commuting but cannot afford to live close to his company as teh price of homes has also skyrocketed.

The only solution we know is to add a third dimension to cities. The idea is not new and many science-fiction movies have been showing this for a long time. But technology has finally breached the barrier and you will see more and more electric VTOLs flying above the city in the future. This will obviously require a lot of coordination with city and aerospace authorities.

EVA will act as a game changer here, as our X01 will include the latest technologies (lidar, radar 77ghz, multicameras, new generation transponder and collision avoidance system,..). We will also propose common standards and. The good news is that autoflight is way more easy to set than a car autopilot. Common rules and standards from our burgeoning industry should be in the best interest of our cities, people and companies.





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